You’re Crazy If You’re Not Paranoid

“Just because you’re paranoid, don’t mean they’re not after you.” Kurt Cobain

They’re cominggggg.

Actually, they’re here already.

The machines. Computers. Robots. Droids.

Call them what you wish, but they’re here to stay for the foreseeable future. I'm just speaking matter of factly here. Speaking generally, we can surmise as to why that is. Why are they here? Why were they invented, and why do we insist on their presence in our lives? These are quite subjective musings.

Ultimately, most might say because they’re fun. They provide a lot convenience and amusement, which is pretty high on the priority list in the modern, civilized cultures. Others would say they increase productivity. They allow more and perhaps even greater quality work to be done.

Additionally, governments certainly favor “the machines,” because it makes it easier to “manage” people, ala Carroll Quigley. That’s basically the game they play. If you can control their thoughts, you control their actions. And if you can get them to willfully volunteer those thoughts while relinquishing their right to any privacy about such rights so to get yourself off the hook, then we really have something special. Just make it so amusing and entertaining that most will not ask or care why. They’ll just consent.

Social media (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.) is where most people spend their time online. If the “powers-that-be” wish to shape public opinion on a particular matter, it’s much easier to do that now with Facebook than it ever was 30 years ago with network news. We can see this in practice by the CIA’s involvement in Facebook, and Google (which owns YouTube.)

Technologies built right into the computers themselves can be used to track movements, monitor activity through the built-in camera and gain remote access to the microphone in your smartphone even if it’s turned off!

I’m not saying these things are coming. I’m saying they’re here! I’m typing on such a device, and you’re reading this from one right now. My friend, you’re crazy if you’re not paranoid. You know that word, “paranoid,” coming from the Greek meaning “outside the mind”? It’s like thinking outside the box or beyond the status quo. As more and more people become aware of the liberties that are being stripped away that box and the status quo will expand so that the “paranoid” will be seen as “ahead of their time.”

Of course, it helps that we have the documentation and technology to show that all this is really happening too.


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