The Clam Chowder Two-Step Protect

Remember in the original Ace Ventura movie when Ace goes backstage at the metal concert and knocks on a door? We don’t know what’s going on, but a voice then asks him for a password. He responds, “New England Clam Chowder.” There’s a pause before the voice comes back, “is that the red or the white?!” He guesses “white” and the door opens. His computer-hacker buddy Woodstock then greets him.

That's a great tip for internet security. I call it "The Clam Chowder Two-Step Protect". You can also think of it as just a two-step authentication when setting up passwords on various sites. Sometimes this can be even more than two steps. The more, the merrier. On top of enabling two-step authentication, do not click the option to “remember this password.” Consider using pass "phrases" instead of single words. The more hurdles you need to jump, the more hurdles a hacker needs to jump.

The concept is simple. Make the pass "words" long. Make them ALL different. Always have to type them out. Change them every month.

To be continued.


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