Secure: The Phones They Don’t Want You To Have

October 26, 2015

Edward Snowden, Steve Jobs, and Google walk into a bar- sketch some ideas on a napkin…

Well, I suppose, that’s not exactly how it happened. But, that it did happen is twice as intriguing and thrice as cool.​

In a nutshell: A smartphone running on an Android-based software system. They call it SilentOS.

I’m talking about the latest edition of the Blackphone (Blackphone 2) released by Silent Circle. It looks like a smartphone, but it’s intelligence reaches far beyond that of the smartphones we are used to. It reaches into a different direction. “Privacy Without Compromise,” they say.

Is it perfect? No. Is it better than the common iPhones and Androids? When it comes to matters of privacy and the sovereign rights of the user, we have to say yes. Anything is hackable, but what we have here is going in the direction of our best interest.

The point is that they are addressing a growing concern that companies such as Verizon, AT&T and other telecommunications companies are selling their customers out to a number of sources, including governmental agencies. And the common smartphones most of us use are much more vulnerable to hackers and trackers.

Silent Circle, the makers of the Blackphone 2, are not alone either. Boeing actually makes a similar type of “secure” smartphone. They call it the Boeing Black. Lastly, FreedomPop has what they call, the “Privacy Phone,” sometimes referred to as the Snowden Phone (a reference to NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden). It's advertised to “protect your privacy from hackers, government agencies and spyware.” I’d like to try all three of these out. Give ‘em a test drive and see how they fare.

Have you used any one of these three smartphones? Let us know in the comments. I’ll keep you posted as I explore them too. There are a lot of excellent reviews of the Privacy Phone on the FreedomPop website. I’ve also heard good things about the Blackphone 2. A lot of improvements have been made since the original Blackphone came out in early 2014.

Again, check these out if you have yet to hear about them:

Blackphone 2, from Silent Circle.

The Privacy Phone, aka, the Snowden Phone, from FreedomPop.

And the Boeing Black.

The phones they don't want you to have. To be mobile and keep thy tracks cleared.​


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