Private Parts And Shopping Carts

Many people are concerned about staying safe and anonymous while shopping offline. Major brands like Target, Neiman Marcus, Michaels, Home Depot, etc... With all the stores that have had their point of sale system hacked over the last few years, this has been an issue that needs remedies. One such remedy is quite simple.


Now, it's not as easy as just paying with cash. Not these days. There are a few things you want to consider during the transaction. Some of these stores want your email address or if you special order something they may want to put your personal information into a computer. Especially if they store it all in a register that doubles as a computer.

For example, I like to shop at my local bookstore. They have a great mix of new and used books. They can also order pretty much any new book you want if you can give them the ISBN number. He jots your name and phone number down on a post-it note and calls you when it’s in! And the he has a very cheap register that has no computer/wifi connected to it. Just a plain, old cash register. Now this is in far contrast to which stores all your search and purchase history in unencrypted text. So, as former NSA-whistleblower Edward Snowden said, “If you look for the book 1984 on Amazon, NSA knows about it.”

So if you want total privacy, we have that option. The idea is- brick and mortar stores. With cash. And low-tech.

You can do it at big-box stores too. Sticking with the previous example of a bookstore, it works totally fine at Barnes and Noble. Though if you wanted to special order something, they’d probably have to put your name and contact info into a computer, which will be attached to what you are buying. You could, however, ask if they might just order the book for the store’s general stock. Keep tabs on the website or call them a week or so later and head over once it’s in stock.

You can take this idea and apply it to any business. It’s simple too. You’re not going out of your way at all, or at least to a minimal degree. Let’s say you’re 17 years old and exploring your sexuality. You live with your parents, and they’ve given you a credit card. You might not want to use that credit card to purchase a book on homosexuality. What you want is a simple and private transaction. Cash at a local merchant. You certainly have the right. When you get off the internet and go to a store up the street you give yourself the option. 

Since cash is still anonymous, we better take advantage of it. There’s been talk for a while now about putting RFID-style technology in dollar bills. While some high tech engineering does going into dollar bills, we’ve at least managed to keep it anonymous. For now.

These days with so much shopping being done online, and most of the money being transferred electronically, it’s a good reminder that old-fashioned cash is still anonymous and secure. Quite easily, you can avoid hackers and trackers by just supporting your local business with a few folded bills in your wallet.

No one needs to know what book you’re buying. Just like closing the bathroom door at home is completely reasonable, so is buying a book with cash.

Your private parts and shopping carts are your business!


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