Please Respect Our Privacy

Dear Internet status quo, please respect our privacy.

Not just when we have the bathroom door closed.

Not just when we have the “Do Not Disturb” sign hung.

Not just when it’s sealed in an envelope.

Not just when the doors are locked.

Not just when we are naked.

Not just when we’re on private property.


That means the Digital World too.

Like an email that is sent between two parties.

Pictures we share of our children.

How many cat videos I watch an hour.

Which political candidates I like and dislike.

Where I shop, what I search for, what I buy, how I paid for it and where it was sent.

What I blog and where I’m blogging from…

The list goes on but let the point be clear. Our rights in the physical world are much more easy to protect and police. Which means they’re also harder (not hard) to violate. In the digital world, which in one respect appears to be more freeform, it is much easier to spy and surveil on one another. While many people remain unaware of the vulnerabilities of the internet, the number of informed citizens is growing.

It won’t be in the too distant future that it will be commonplace for everyone to be aware of locking their virtual door and sealing their digital envelopes. Looking at the older generations still alive now, we see they are much more often than not, intimidated and unaware of how the internet works. On the other end, 5-year-olds are learning way more than what most of us might consider basics. These days kids are learning how to use the internet before they know how to ride a bike.

With this changing world, we need to adapt in empowering ways. Demand your rights. Demand your privacy. They’re available, but they won’t be served to you on the proverbial silver platter. You have to know them so you can demand them. Perhaps we can be polite?

“Please respect our privacy.”

…perhaps not.


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