Modern Times And Future Crimes

Life as you’ve known it is over. The world is becoming a very different place. No one has ever experienced life as what it's evolving into ever before. Your parents can't hold your hand or prepare you for what's coming. Your grandparents have no referential stories to share. The only ones that can give you a glimpse of the horizon are the ones studying what is on the precipice of technology and its dominating intentions for our culture.

That's the driving force behind Clear Your Tracks.

I’ve been hearing more and more elderly people saying that they’re relieved that they won’t see how scary things are going to get for the future generations with all the crazy technological advances. I tell them they have no idea how quickly those advances are occurring. If you plan on living the next five years, you’re going to see some crazy stuff.

Technology grows at an exponential rate. Look at the rate for which the internet itself gained users. It took nearly 3-4 decades before the internet gained 360 million users in the year 2000. In 2005, it reached its first billion. And it was only six more years before that number reached 2 billion in March 2011.

This kind of exponential growth has always proven hard for people to wrap their heads around and predict its effect. Life for humans in the industrialized nations is coming into a new world of interconnectedness with many millions more commonplace devices being released to the marketplace with wifi capabilities over the next few years.

These are our modern times and future crimes. It’s the wild, wild, web and it’s gearing up to become the wilder, wild, web and the only way to protect yourself is to know how to defend yourself.

There is no one coming to your rescue. You decide, right now, to make your move.

Clear your tracks.


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