Facebook I Love You But Just As A Friend

October 25, 2015

     Have you ever had a friend that you love, but always tends to cause trouble?

     Maybe you’ve been friends for a long time but they always seem to cause some kinda problem or manifest some strange drama? You love 'em, but it tends to get on your nerves, right? I knew a kid like that when I was younger. He was a good kid, but he did the most outlandish things to get attention. The only thing that ever happened was he got on everyone’s nerves. And if sometimes he was with a group of us, he got us in trouble. And the kind of trouble you had no fun getting into.

     This is what Facebook is becoming. That friend.

     What I’m referring to specifically, is the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA). It is a proposed law that has been introduced and re-introduced in the Senate since mid-2014. In the summary straight from Congress.gov, the law intends to:

          “Permits private entities to monitor and operate countermeasures to prevent or mitigate                                             cybersecurity threats or security vulnerabilities on their own information systems and,                                                 with written consent, the information systems of other entities and federal entities.                                                       Authorizes such entities to monitor information that is stored on, processed by, or                                                       transiting such monitored systems."

Now, what is rather interesting about this is that the tech industry, security experts and the public, in general, all object to this law.

All, that is, except for Facebook.

That doesn’t come as a total surprise, but it is causing a lot of commotion since Facebook has always been in the realm of controversy for violating users rights. In the United States, we have privacy rights. What CISA aims to do is give any “good ‘ol boy” company legal immunity for playing along.

If “Company A” (e.g. Facebook) gives the U.S. government the private data of its users, even though that used to be illegal because of privacy laws, they (Company A) will be granted immunity.

This is being sold as “cybersecurity,” but all that private data- who knows all the reasons they want it for? One thing we do know- they can use it for more than just security reasons. Even though the vast majority of the general public, tech world and security experts are screaming out against this, lobbyists are pushing for this like their life depended on it.

Lobbyists like Myriah Jordan, Facebook’s Public Policy Manager, who before she went to Facebook, worked for Senator, Richard Burr, the Senator responsible for re-introducing the CISA bill. Facebook itself is lobbying for this bill to be passed into law.

The bottom line? Facebook is not our friend. Facebook uses us, as you might use some thing. Like, say, a product. We are a product to Facebook and entities like the government (and other businesses) are Facebook’s customers. And these businesses like the U.S. government have a vested interest in making deals with a company like Facebook regarding their product.

If you would like to sign a petition to encourage Facebook to back off on their support of CISA, then check          this page out at YouBetrayedUs.org.

I love you Facebook, but just as a friend. One that may need to be put into check if you keep stepping on my toes.

And playing with the devil.


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