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Is That A Two Way Mirror In Your Pocket Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

I wrote in a previous post about hackers breaking into the webcam on your computer. Well, I think it's almost more of a concern that the camera on your smartphone is hackable to that same person.

Just so we’re clear here- everything is hackable. Everything. Where there’s a will…

Most of us use the camera on our phones a lot more than the camera on our computer, which makes covering the phone camera more of a nuisance. Special stickers are available to purchase for computer cameras that I’m sure work fine. I’ve always opted for a simpler approach to the sticky part of a post-it note stretching across the camera. It stays on there as long as I want and peels off with no issue of residue at all. Then I just get a new piece when it’s time to replace it. Extremely simple and costs next to nothing.

That same problem affecting the smartphone camera isn’t so easily remedied. Who wants to remove and replace a piece of tape every time you use your phone camera? It’s just not practical at all.

We need a little ingenuity.

I figured out a way to fix this with no hassle. I’m a big fan of the company Saddleback Leather. Been buying up their products for years. They sell an iPhone case that slides down over the top of the phone, like a mitten over your hand. I don’t want to make this sound like a commercial, but I do think this case is worth checking out because it is awesome. All their products are guaranteed for 100 years. A warranty second to none. So they’re made extremely well. They fit kind of snug at first, so to help the leather form properly to the phone for optimal protection.

As you can see, the case is designed to cover the whole screen, for purposes of protection. It also works with the matter we’re discussing here as I figured if you slide the case up all the way to the point that the entire screen is visible, you can still utilize the whole screen while blocking the camera to any hacker. So when the phone is not being used, the camera is covered. And when you want to use it, you can slide the case up, able to block the camera if you wish and conduct your business at the same time.

There’s always a solution.