Ben Franklin Has A Suggestion For You

Ever the consummate artisan, Ben Franklin designed the first American penny in 1787. It’s called the Fugio Cent. It contains the maxim “Mind Your Business.” Historians believe that he wanted this to be the national motto. Millions of people, in the public and private sectors, conducting business under the guiding principle of minding their merchant and personal business, i.e., you do your thing, and I'll do mine. We can work side by side, harmoniously, and as long as our moral compasses are in balance we will build a wonderful community. So, mind your business.

Email Security

Fast forward a few hundred years to today. Minding one's own business is hardly a priority for many individuals, never mind governments. We have people trolling and stalking others on the Internet and hacking into their computers and phones. Email providers like Google are offering other companies in the marketplace valuable information extracted from our email so they can better target us as customers. According to Google, we accepted this if we opened a Gmail account. Whether we have a Gmail account or not, whether we care or not that an email provider is soliciting our private correspondence to third parties.

Did you know that was happening? Were you "minding your business"? The fact is, we have consented to many invasions of our business, private and otherwise. It's simply a matter of awareness to what we signed. Reading the Privacy Policy, the Terms of Use, etc. Ultimately, I'm talking about being mindful of our business. Being thoughtful and aware of the engagements we make when on the internet. What Ben Franklin referred to as Minding Our Business. If we don't, who knows who will? Or already is? Ben Franklin has a suggestion for you. So do I. Mind your business. And clear your tracks.


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