Are You Opting In To The New World Order?

These days, if you’re on the internet, you’re doing it. You can’t set up an email account, join any social media site or shop any major online retailer without doing it. You also can’t bank without doing it.

The state of “Privacy Policies” today is not any particular websites policy about protecting your privacy. On the contrary, it’s their statement about how they may use any information you provide to them, or they can gather from your other internet activity away from their site and sometimes even your computer. Much, much more often than not, these are cleverly written and physically formatted so that no one wants to read them, so it’s now common practice to just automatically click the box to accept the conditions. But more and more we are learning that many companies are up to “other than good” intent. At least, not in our favor.

It’s not a matter of morality for the people in these businesses. It’s, “if the law lets us do it, then we will do what we can get away with until we no longer can, or until the slap on the wrist hurts too much.” So they are forcing legislation by way of a lack of moral judgement. That is another way the “World Wide Web” is like the wild, wild west. There is little to no policing, so it’s up to the individual to protect herself. When you accept the “terms and conditions” put forth by a website, especially a “free” site, these days, you could reasonably ask yourself if you are opting into the New World Order.

I recently watched the documentary “Terms And Conditions May Apply” again. You know, the one during which the filmmaker goes “undercover” to meet Mark Zuckerberg and ask him about Facebook’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy?

It also shows an IM chat with Zuckerberg where he refers to Facebook users as “dumb f@$%s” for trusting him with their personal information.

It also has a few “interesting” anecdotes with former Google CEO, Eric Schmidt. Check it out. It’s a valuable primer on the subject and will get you thinking, discerning, about how you conduct yourself online.

It’s kinda like the adage, “you can’t make a good deal with a bad guy.”


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