A Dark Act To Follow

What would you do if you woke up tomorrow and found that your debit card was hacked after shopping online? Or someone cracked the password on your email accounts? How would you feel if you knew government agencies were spying on you through your webcam, even though they didn’t even suspect you of any wrongdoing?

All these things have happened to millions of people. In fact, my wife and I were once both victims of debit card hacking- in the same month! We also have a young son. I need to protect him from and prepare him for this world.

snowman hacker

Protecting ourselves in a brave new world from such offenders is imperative. As we learn about ways to protect ourselves against these kinds of acts we inevitably open a Pandora’s box on matters far beyond our imagination as to who is a threat to us, our family and why. It’s not just the anonymous, nefarious debit card hackers. It’s companies and public officials we were taught to believe operated in the best interest of the public. It’s a mad world that we need to understand, so we don’t fall prey to it. And so that we may rise above and enjoy it as it should be!

How do we do this? How do we protect our personal, social and financial identities as law-abiding citizens? That's what we must learn. We are decades past 1984. Ignorance of these present-day circumstances is a dark act to follow. The time to act is now. You’ve found this message, so it’s not too late.

I’m the Snowman. I’ll show you how to protect yourself and… clear your tracks.


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