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Be Smart, Be Invisible

September 11, 2016

     These days, you almost don’t even have to look for the surveillance state creeping its ugly head to see it. It’s everywhere. And with Oliver Stone’s SNOWDEN movie being released this Friday, it’s sure to turn the awareness factor on high and bring the debate to a kitchen table near you.

     Neither presidential candidate has spoken out against any such surveillance state, or in favor of Snowden, whatsoever. Make no mistake, this election will set the tone for the wave of Washington-style surveillance into the next several years.

     It’s up to you and me, to make a stand for the rights that we hold dear. The same rights that our children are hoping we hold dear. Be aware of bills, (like this one), that are being introduced to put a further stranglehold on our liberties and take proper action in whatever way feels appropriate for you. But do something.

     We are actually living in the world that is very similar to what George Orwell wrote about in 1984. It’s just also the same world that Aldous Huxley wrote about too, in Brave New World. Either way, the time for change is now. Things like this and this are unacceptable.

Let's change it up.

Be smart. Be invisible.​

Be indivisible.

Face the facts. Clear your tracks.​