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The Policy Update They Don’t Want You To See

     “We’ve updated our privacy policy.”

     There are just too many companies (websites) that won’t inform you of this. And it’s rarely a series of changes made in your favor. The worst culprits of this practice are social media sites. For the fact that they make their money by selling us out with all the information we offer them all day long, it’s of little to no interest to protect our privacy. In fact, these kinds of sites will suggest forgetting that you have any privacy to be concerned about in the first place.​

     On their site, that is true.​

     The truth is, they don’t REALLY have to answer to you. Make the product fun, and most of us will go along with the rules. The exception to this "habit" are financial sites, like banking sites, PayPal, etc. In fact, within the last few weeks, PayPal made an update to their privacy policy and informed their users of it.

     App developers are hungry to gorge on your privacy too. While the vast majority of app developers will list the specific changes they’ve made for the update, Facebook doesn’t give any details about any changes. Every time their app has an update, it’s always the same generic message:

     “Thanks for using Facebook! To make our app better for you, we bring updates to the App Store regularly. Every update of our Facebook app includes improvements for speed and reliability. As new features become available, we’ll highlight those for you in the app.”

     If you consider that Facebook is notorious for invading every morsel of privacy you don't intend to give away, then this generic message accompanying each update to the app is, at best, very misleading.

     That's an app, though. Most apps, if not all, give some insight to what the update is, though not usually related to privacy. Social media websites, as in viewing the site on a web browser, make no such announcement. On the contrary, they just change them from time to time, without any notice to you. It's part of the terms of use that you agreed to when you joined their special club.

     You know the "club" I mean. It's the same club they're using to beat your privacy to death every day you stay in their company.

     The title of the privacy policy update they don't want you to see: "You Have No Privacy Here."

     That's why more and more hackers, computer geeks and privacy advocates do not join social media sites. And why even more and more "everyday" people are deactivating their social media accounts.

     Just a little food for thought.