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Everything You Want To Know, But Are Afraid To Ask

     Studies are coming out all the time now, confirming that the more we know we are being spied upon, the more it inhibits our inquiries and curiosities.

     When you go to post something on your Facebook page, Facebook can actually see what you type in the message box even if you delete it and change the words. So if you were banging your head on the floor trying to come up with a witty caption for that cat video you were posting, but everything you typed didn’t look good, Facebook has the whole history of your typing and deleting and retyping.​

     How does that make you feel?

     Well, wouldn’t you think that Google or YouTube would be the same? I mean, at this point, you’d have to assume so, even if you weren’t sure. So that basically means that the biggest sites on the Internet know the thoughts you’re thinking and trying to formulate, better than your closest confidant. They can put a whole psychological profile together on you and position you accurately to help make them money. Right?

     After all, that’s their purpose. To use you, and ALL the information that you provide… ALL the information, and find ways to monetize it. And if you see their numbers, you know they’re doing great at it.

     Again, I ask. How does that make you feel?

     Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram- these sites are here for one reason. To make you fall in love with them so hard, that you won’t realize what you’re giving up to use them. Not just your innermost thoughts, but arguably, more importantly, the WAY you think. When they can see your sequence of thoughts as you finalize a message to your friends and family, that’s as good as being in your head and watching the neurons fire.

     So, once more, how does that make you feel? When the Internet is the greatest single manmade resource for, well everything. You can learn anything. You can make money a zillion ways. Meet new people and find long lost friends. But at what cost? When the companies that provide the service by which we get to do all this stuff are trading our ability to use this technology only for our most inner, intimate thoughts? How does that change the way you act when you’re on Facebook? Searching for videos on YouTube? Researching controversial topics (nonstatus-quo) on Google? Do you police your thoughts? Reserve your creativity?

     Of course, there are alternatives. We’ve talked about that before on this site. Finding solutions to these issues that are growing and getting a stronger chokehold on the culture.

     What do we do when we have the whole world at our fingertips? If you had access to everything you want to know but are afraid to ask, for fear of whatever the reason could be, what would you do?

     Clear your tracks.​